Hookey Walker (1920s-1996)

The Hookey Walker lies directly alongside the Golden Chance in the Canache. She was probably built in the 1920s but we have been unable to find any exact details about where she was constructed, who made her and what she was originally called.  We do know that between 1960 and 1993 she was named Fiona and she was operated by her long-time master, Hookey Walker.

According to Hookey Walker’s great granddaughter, Janice Morrison, Fiona was owned by the Falkland Islands Company and skippered by Hookey: “who ran this boat all around the harbour in all weather for about 30 years for the FIC.”

Key Facts:

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Wooden motor boat

Origins: Not known
Also known as: Fiona
Fate: Beached in the Canache, Stanley

At some point in 1963 the Fiona was converted into a fishing boat and 30 years later, in 1993, she was bought by someone who renamed her the Hookey Walker.  It has been reported that for much of the time the boat was in Stanley Harbour it was unnamed but generally referred to as “The Hookey Walker” because Hookey was always at the helm.

In 1996, the vessel was damaged beyond repair and beached next to the Golden Chance, at the age of 76.

Mark Spicer’s drone video gives a rare birds eye view of the Hookey Walker.

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