Gentoo (1927-1962)

What’s left of the Gentoo lies close to the Golden Chance and the Hookey Walker in the tiny bay everyone calls the Canache.  She was built in Buckie, on the Moray Firth coast in northeast Scotland, as a motorised wooden motor drifter. 

She arrived in the Falklands in 1927, owned by the Dean Brothers and was used as a settlement support vessel for about 35 years, until 1962, mainly working Pebble, Jason, and Keppel islands.  She was then ‘laid up’ for around three years before being put to work as a salvage vessel between 1965 and 1980.  She was then anchored in Stanley Harbour until, in early 1982, she sprang a leak and was taken to the Canache for repairs, which never happened.

Key Facts:

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Motorised wooden drifter

Built: Buckie, Scotland 1920
Size: 74 feet long, 18 feet wide. 55 gross tons, 16 net
Fate: Beached in Stanley’s Canache after pumps failed

The Gentoo ended up in her present position after her pumps failed whilst the crew were trying to put her alongside the jetty.  Just six feet short of safety, her bow stuck, water poured in and she sank where she is now.

Mark Spicer’s drone video gives a rare birds eye view of the Gentoo.

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