Stunning images of the Lady Elizabeth, Actaeon and Garland

The photos and videos within the wreck hunter interactive map have inspired Falkland Islanders to react by sending us their own striking and sometimes rare images of our maritime heritage.

Sue Luxton sent us these very unusual shots of the INSIDE of the Lady Elizabeth, taken on 17th January 2021 through a hole in the side of the hull.

We’ve also received some wonderful DRONE shots from Mark Spicer. Including the new wrecks featured on our interactive mapActaeon and the Garland.

Mark is originally from Uckfield, East Sussex. A carpenter by trade, he spent many years traveling the world working on projects for the UK Foreign & Commonwealth office. In July 1997 he arrived in the Falklands to renovate Government House.  It was supposed to take six months. It took a year and Mark never went back to Britain.  Harnessing a boyhood interest in remote control aircraft, Mark “dabbled” with drones and cameras and the results are for all to see: “I like to try and record our history before it disappears,” he says.

See more stunning photos of the Lady Elizabeth interior as well as the Actaeon and Jhelum, taken by resident Falklands photographers.

Mark’s drone photos not only give us a very rare birds-eye view of the wrecks and hulks, they also reveal just how much they have changed since the 1994 videos that are part of our wreck hunter project.  

When they were filmed, on 16mm, back-in-the-day, FMHT’s, Mensun Bound, and TV director, Matthew Wortman, had to risk ‘life-and-limb’ as they spent many weeks clambering dangerously to get close enough to shoot. The result gives a record of the wrecks as they were. Sue Luxton and Mark Spicer have given us pictures of them as they are.