Iconic wrecks of the Canache

Known locally as “The Canache”, this small bay in Stanley Harbour, has become both a dumping ground and a haven for numerous small ships rich in Falklands maritime history.  The Canache lies between Boxer Bridge, which takes its name from an infamous rebellion in China, bestowed on it when it was built by 25 Field Squadron, Royal Engineers in 1983, and the spit of land known as Navy point, which divides Port William from Stanley Harbour. 

No one knows exactly why part of the British army would link the Falklands with China, by naming the bridge Boxer, but 25 Field Squadron had been deployed to Hong Kong during the uprising on mainland China between 1900 and 1901 which became known as the Boxer Rebellion and the squadron was tasked to assist British legations caught up in the fighting in Peking (now Beijing).

The Canache contains a large number of vessels in various states of repair and disrepair, including seven wrecks which have great historical significance: the Flyd, the Gentoo, the Golden Chance, the Hookey Walker, the Lily, the Lively and the Weddell.

The High Definition video footage of the seven Canache wrecks captured by Falkland resident Mark Spicer’s drone show clearly and graphically how the years and weather have made their mark on each vessel. At this rate, it won’t be long before some of them cease to exist altogether, if nothing is done to preserve what now remains. Each of the seven vessels is located on our wreckmap, where you will be able to discover the true story of how they arrived in the Canache and why.
Philomel wreck

The wreck of Philomel © 2024 Mark Spicer 2024

Another fast-disappearing famous Falklands wreck lies close to the Canache on the north side of Stanley Harbour in Fairy Cove – the Philomel.  She’s been beached there since 1971 after catching fire, not once but twice.  She too can be found on the FMHT wreckmap and another Mark Spice drone video reveals just how little of her there is to see.