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This website is an integral part of the Trust’s educational remit and outreach.  As we develop it, and roll out new features and initiatives, students, schools, colleges, universities and other institutions will be able to tap into the information and detail that we will publish.

“We welcome a dialogue with students and establishments alike…”

Already, many students have been able to learn more about the 1914 Battle of the Falklands, by watching the feature-length documentary about the hunt for the Kaiser's missing warships, sunk by the Royal Navy more than 100 years ago.
Our interactive map of the Falklands, which is at the heart of this website, reveals where many of the most important and valuable shipwrecks lie. The detail of each vessel will gradually be expanded and enhanced, and hopefully added to by even more video films. This will allow people of all ages to find out more about the maritime heritage of the Falklands and surrounding areas.
We welcome a dialogue with students and establishments alike and urge anyone interested in finding out more about the Falklands seafaring history, or marine wildlife, to CONTACT US.

Endurance22 will reach the world

British polar explorer, Dr John Shears (pictured here with Adelie penguins beside SA Agulhas II during the Weddell Sea Expedition 2019) will be leading the Endurance22 expedition.

In line with its key aim – to inform and educate people about the maritime history of the Falkland Islands and neighbouring seas – FMHT intends to ensure that the entire Endurance22 expedition will be shared around the world via a unique link up with the US-based educational organisation Reach the World, which specialises in putting young people in direct contact with modern explorers.

Reach The World will have exclusive access to the mission and will connect a global network of students to the SA Agulhas II and the searchers on the Antarctic ice. This will ensure that the lessons to be learned from Sir Ernest Shackleton’s amazing and heroic escape from the jaws of an icy death 106 years ago will be made available to the youth of 2022.

Says FMHT Chairman, Donald Lamont: “It is a great privilege for the Trust to manage an expedition that will bring to young people around the world the story of Ernest Shackleton, his ship, and the men who sailed with him into the fierce and still largely unknown environment of Antarctica. The stories of their struggle to survive, have resonance for all of us today.

It is also a strange quirk of history that only three days after Shackleton sailed from Grytviken, a British Fleet engaged and defeated a German fleet off the coast of the Falkland Islands, an event to which the Trust has also been able to draw the attention of new audiences.”

If you would like to learn more about Reach the World, visit

Follow the Expedition on the Endurance22 website.

Become a Wreck Hunter!

Use our interactive map to find heritage shipwrecks

Become a Wreck Hunter!

Use our interactive map to find heritage shipwrecks