Celebrating The Falkland Islands’ maritime heritage from discovery to the present day

Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust

Long ago, before the Panama Canal, vessels sailing from Europe to the west coast of the Americas, or from one side of the New World to the other, had to do so by way of Cape Horn, where Atlantic meets Pacific  – the fiercest patch of ocean on the planet. Old square-riggers ferried immense quantities of cargo and passengers, as trade and travel boomed between the 17th and 19th centuries. The worst passage was east to west, towards the Falklands, and the seabed around the islands became a final resting place for many a sailing ship. Those that did manage to limp into Port Stanley, often found themselves condemned to remain, and so became part of a rich hIstory of maritime heroism and disaster.  A seafaring heritage that continued through the eras of steam and diesel to this day.

The Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust (FMHT) is a charity registered in the UK which is dedicated to preserving the rich and varied seafaring history of the Falklands and those who have been associated with them. This website aims to support the Trust’s mission to ensure that the maritime history that has helped shape the culture of the people of the Falkland Islands is properly recognised.

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Latest News

On this day in history – 5th April 1982: ‘Royal Navy Task Force heads for the Falklands’

HMS Hermes, flagship of the Falklands War naval task force, left Portsmouth Naval Base and headed for the South Atlantic.
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On this day in history – 5th March 2022: Shackleton’s Endurance found

On 5th March 2022, the expedition organised by the Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust located the wreck of Shackleton's Endurance.
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